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Sat 6 July : WORDLIFE @ The Club Of Life Launch

  • Wordlife 55 Liverpool St Sydney Australia (map)

To celebrate the release of wordlife's new Breakthrough/Small Talk EP (out on Club Mod - July 1), the Sydney pair are throwing a late one in the Danceteria at Goodgod featuring fellow rising champs of the underworld Indian Summer DJs (sweat it out / Melbourne), 
BK2M (formerly Rachel Haircut / Melbourne), 
CSMNT61 (motorik) 
Ben Fester (Astral DJs). 

The EP is a tasting plate of all the good things Wordlife bring to electronic music right now. So very hard to pigeonhole, but so easy to recognise, the EP blurs the lines between deep and dark electronica with sky-high house. Breakthrough is an excursion in how house anthems should be. Call and response, hand claps galore, a vocal sample that we dare you to not get stuck in your head. You can hear this being played at every club, every festival, every mix from here to Timbuktu and we aint mad. 

Small Talk is the slightly more introverted, thinker of a tune. No less anthemic, but it's slightly more restrained. If Breakthrough is 12 am, Small-talk is 3 am. Just when you thought about calling it a night on the cuttarug, this will will you back piece by piece and make you lose yourself to the night all over again. 

Remix duties on this beast are handled by the ever intriguing Berlin duo Kyodai who turn Breakthrough in to a dark 7 minute journey. It rolls, bounces and flirts with your soul. Adding, piece by piece, a new identity to the track, while never losing it's essence. While on the flip, Doc Daneeka was given the role of taking Small Talk and rewiring it in to his own brand. He was so lost to the music that he gave us two versions. A night, and a day remix. Both equally as amazing as each other.