Saturday 25th April : #Afterlife DnB & #BASSDROP present #ULTERIORMOTIVE #Metalheadz

  • Gladstone 115 Regent St Chippendale, NSW, 2008 Australia

Afterlife DnB and BASSDROP are excited to present... ULTERIOR MOTIVE (Metalheadz/UK)… FOR FREE!*

Staying ahead of the rest with their own brand of neck-snapping beats, Ulterior Motive bring out the dark funk flavours of underground drum & bass at it’s finest. Their rise may have been rapid with releases on Metalheadz, Subtitles and Critical over the past few years but it’s a firm commitment to quality over quantity that continues to set them apart. Live and at full speed, their sound has stirred subs worldwide and DJ sets have taken the duo everywhere from Amsterdam to Australia. Fusing a characteristic mix of high-definition basslines and precision breaks, recent releases include remixes for Future Cut and Natalie Duncan plus the cross-collaborative “Versus” EP. Ulterior Motive have just released their highly successful debut album 'The Fourth Wall' for Metalheadz to a rousing reception with appearances set for festivals across Europe this Summer.

Their Sydney stop sees support from local favourites:

Mark Bionic
8 Diagram 
The Bassix

Hosted by MC Spex

*In keeping with Afterlife’s ‘free party – free entry’ policy there will be NO charge to party with us at this event!
We still have to pay for Ulterior Motive’s fees and expenses…
For the first time ever we are attempting to crowd fund a gig..!


Basically you can come party for free, totally ignore the crowd funding part of this, have a great time, enjoy seeing Ulterior Motive free of charge and go home having had the most wicked night you’ve had in ages and let us cover the artists costs and rider...


We need to recoup a total of $4350 to pay for this. There is NO budget available to us, nothing in the kitty! This is an experiment…

If you love Ulterior Motive, Afterlife DnB, BASSDROP, Sydney DnB, and the theory of a community event with awesome artists that is open for ANYONE to attend and enjoy with nothing but dust in their pockets (no pun intended), we invite you to make a donation to our GoFundMe account!

We suggest that you make a 10c, $1, $5.50, $10, $15 donation (WE ACTUALLY RECOMMEND A $25 DONATION – That’s 175 people donating to cover the costs).

We can offer nothing but an awesome night and much much love for your money. Please give generously, we don't ask for much! If this works we can do it again! Keep the vibe alive!!!

So get donating here!!

This is your party!