Flatten Your Warped Records


The Record Store is proud to offer a vinyl de-warping service. 

We use the custom made "ORB DISC FLATTER" which was especially imported from Japan. 

Operating under the same principle as the old 'two panes of glass in the sun' routine, the DISC FLATTER indirectly heats the platter for two hours and then allows it to cool for the same amount of time. All the while an even pressure is supplied by the weighted canopy of the device. This ensures an even and constant temperature with no risk of further damage to your beloved vinyl.

  • Cost = $10. Duration = 4 hours.

We can fix warps, dishes and twists. We cannot unmelt your vinyl. To explain: 

By warped we mean a full-record dish or twist. This leaves the record circular, so when we flatten it, it remains circular. It is topographically intact, so to speak. Very usually symmetrical.

When a section of the record is melted, your record is no longer a circle because the vinyl has actually flowed slightly, so when we flatten it, that section - grooves included - spread/bulges out, distorting the grooves and, more often than not kicking the needle out of the groove. 

NOTE: It is often easy to to tell the difference between a warp and a melt, but sometimes it is not. We do our best to determine before-hand if it is worth trying and will inform you if we think it's not worth it, but you do embark upon this procedure at your own risk.

 If your record looks the the bottom image, it's an ashtray. Contact us to find out.