DJ Mixers / Serato


There are a lot of mixers around, cheap, expensive, digital, analog. But which one do you get?

Well, we've been through a heap, and we used to like Vestax and while Pioneers are fun to muck around with, there's only one mixer that will do justice to the effort that went in to producing your vinyl. RANE.

These guys are warm and loud and have magnificent fader action. The TTM56 is straight up solid state heaven, perfect for vinyl purists, and makes everything sound phat!

Further up the range TTM61, 62, 62z & 68 come with Serato (if you are that way inclined) and a squillion features. 

We will price match. 


You might ask, why? We does a Record Store sell Serato. Well, actually, before that you might ask what it is.

Simply put, it's a system where you can control your digital music with vinyl control records. This becomes handy for vinyl lovers when they don't want to lug their precious wax to distant gigs.

More so, in terms of maintaining the quality of your collection, you can archive your wax and save it for those special occasions  thrashing your digital copies to death - HA. 

In a final note, if you dabble in scratchology, this system is key to having your own personal samples to cut with.

We will price match.