DJ Needles & Cartridges

Ortofon DJ

We rate the Ortofon Halfmount as it fits on a standard "Technics" Universal Headshell and inside the brilliant Shure carrying case.


The whole range is great, we prefer the pink (OM Scratch) due to it's slightly restricted frequency response in the very high end (probably because we're all slaughtered that part of our hearing, but more likely because it gives the lower frequencies more room to move), but we keep a few different options in stock at all times. Basically, the more you spend ($79 - $120) the louder you get, but for home use, the OM Pro (black - $79) is perfect.

And that's about it, really.

Shure / HipHop

If you are gonna play with Shure, use the M447.

We don't sell any other models, because they are unnecessary. 

This puppy is the Hip Hop / Scratching / Reggae workhorse! Loud, with a boomy bottom end. Not so great for other styles of music.

Cartridge RRP is $150.00 each but we’ll match any price you find in Australia. Replacement Needles = $55.00 each.

We also carry the Shure carrying case: very handy & exceedingly durable.

Oh, and should you be catching a plane, put the carry cord inside and then close to avoid vacuum sealing your needles for ever. $65.00