DJ Needles & Cartridges

Ortofon DJ

Ortofon have just updated their DJ Needle range with the trimmed-down, but much-improved MKII series.

With the new range, Ortofon have gotten rid of the BIGGEST problem the Concordes had: the finger lifts can now be replaced if you snap them!

The range consists of five items but we stock only three of them. The MIX (entry-level), the SCRATCH (spherical for amazing tracking (and great sound) ) and the CLUB (elliptical with superb definition (and great tracking)). There's a digital one (but we don't care) and there's one up from entry-level that does nothing more but costs more.

MIX:            single $140. Pair $265
SCRATCH:  single $200. Pair $349
CLUB:         single $240. Pair $440

Shure / HipHop

If you are gonna play with Shure, use the M447.

We don't sell any other models, because they are unnecessary. 

This puppy is the Hip Hop / Scratching / Reggae workhorse! Loud, with a boomy bottom end. Not so great for other styles of music.

Cartridge RRP is $150.00 each but we’ll match any price you find in Australia (and you will find it less coz some online shops are twats.. Replacement Needles = $65.00 each.

We also carry the Shure carrying case: very handy & exceedingly durable.

Oh, and should you be catching a plane, put the carry cord inside and then close to avoid vacuum sealing your needles for ever. $65.00