NEXT Saturday June 27 @ Cafe Lounge | Midday - 6pm

The History

In the 1960's an American folk duo named Bud & Travis made a joke about sprinkling records with sesame seeds and selling them as licorice pizzas. In 1969 a man named James Greenwood thought that that would make a great name for a record store in L.A. and he was right. He built this store into a chain and then in 1985 this was bought out by a mob called Record Bar who in turn sold to another chain etc etc until it all ended up in the unholy belly of Blockbuster - now, thankfully, put out of its misery.

But this posed something of a dilemma, you see, it was such a great name with character and flavour and a dope piece of art and it had been swallowed by a corporate industry that was in turn re-swallowed by the vinyl it tried so hard and so ineptly, to kill ... what to do?

The Present

Cut forward to 2015 and we, here at the recordstore, looking around at the all the record fairs happening in Sydney in halls and markets and pretty much everywhere were struck by the need for a slightly different kind of meeting of the waxy minds: something chilled, something with a bar, something starting at a sane hour and something by the headz for the headz. Something where the purchasing of the wax was on an even pedestal with a collegiate vibe and some beer fueled vinyl nerdery.

In a convenient stroke of luck our neighbours, Cafe Lounge, have exactly the right kind of venue and so when we and the lads, Ben Fester and Kato, brainstormed some ideas for a snazzy name and did a bit of research and came upon the history above we thought: 'what a fit.' Except...

The Art

Except, well, we thought that the old girl above needed a bit more 20th Century sass, you know, some 'tude and so we approached our dear and supremely talented friend and artist Deb to see if she like the idea of doing a homage to the original piece and well, just see for yourself.

NB: We have tried to find the original artist but had no luck so we just wanted them to know that this was all done with the utmost respect and that we will be keeping the vibe of our gatherings chill and on a community tip.

Eaten Pizzas: Sat March 28, 2015 @ Cafe Loune