Home HiFi Turntable - AT LP5
$799 + $50 gift voucher.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP5 is perfect balance of technology and design, aesthetically minimal; it’s a nice contrast to the retro looks of the LP60 and LP120.

Direct-drive (no rubber band), it comes a precision-engineered cast aluminium platter and is fitted with the high-performance AT95EX Dual Moving Magnet cart. There is no pitch control for fiddling about with the speed, but the LP5 record player has and does the following:

·        USB functionality (record your wax while you play it)

·        J-shaped tonearm (helps minimise tracking errors).

·        Plays 33 1/3rd & 45 RPM speeds,

·        Both phono and line stereo outputs with separate grounding (plugs into anything you have that makes a noise).

·        Low-resonance damped & weighted chassis structure,

·        Audacity recording software.

·        USB cable

·        RCA / RCA stereo adapter cable.

Why is it more than the LP120 if it ostensibly does less? Components. The LP5 weighs twice what the LP120 does, and has more gold bits (for better signal paths), all of this adds up to a more solid and better sounding deck.

Having said this, Audio-Technica is a 51 year old Japanese brand with the highest production standards; they make a $6000 cartridge – so they are not going to trash their brand with bad gear in any part of their range.

Entry Level versus Home Hi-Fi.

While the entry level deck works a treat it is not adjustable or up-gradable. This means it 1) wears your records more over time and 2) cannot have a new cartridge installed on it should you wish to upgrade in the future. A good rule of thumb is that if you are intending to continue buying new records, collecting etc, then you are probably better off investing in the home Hifi turntable, while if you are just messing around, buying old records from op-shops or occasionally listening to old records you inherited, the entry level will do just fine (in our opinion the LP60 is the best of this design available in Australia). We can elaborate on this quite extensively if required ..

POST SCRIPT: Why do we only sell one brand? We could prattle on about the tyranny of choice but it comes down to this: We don't like drama and we don't like you having to come back with issues. In our 13 years of experience Audio-Technica has the least coming-backness of the lot and they clearly failed acting class because the lack of drama surrounding this brand is palpable. Finally, both the LP60 and LP120 consistently come top or very near top in almost all comparisons between brands. A simple google search will verify this.