Betty Ford Boys - Retox

Produced by The Betty Ford Boys 
Mastered by Volker "IDR" Gebhardt. Artwork by Von Lagerstein. 

The Betty Ford Boys are ready to retox! 

„Retox“ is the second album by the Austro-German producer super group consisting of Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. The album was recorded at The Fisherhaus, a small timber cottage somewhere in Bavaria earlier this year. The Betty Ford Boys moved their home-studios from Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna into the small shack and let loose. 

If you compare „Retox“ to the 21st century G-Funk of their debut album „Leaders Of The Brew School“, one can say that the Betty Ford Boys are reporting from the dark side of the moon this time. Low-tuned and bass-heavy stoner beats are sitting next to moog-driven 808 workouts and you never know what's comig next. If „Retox“ follows a formula then the formula is that there is no formula. 

„Retox“ is simply one of the most - if not the most - complete instrumental hip-hop albums of 2014. Period! 

Hilltop Hoods - Walking Under The Stars


01. The Thirst Pt. 4 Feat. Aaradhna – Interlude
02. Walking Under Stars
03. Cosby Sweater
04. The Art Of The Handshake
05. Live And Let Go Feat. Brother Ali & Maverick Sabre
06. Pyramid Building
07. Through The Dark
08. Won’t Let You Down Feat. Maverick Sabre
09. Rumble, Young Man, Rumble Feat. Dan Sultan
10. Brainbox Feat. Drapht
11. I’m A Ghost
12. The Thirst Pt. 5 Feat. Aaradhna – Interlude


This is the HILLTOP HOODS first album since 2012s  ‘Drinking From the Sun’, an album that changed the game, becoming the groups third consecutive #1 album which went gold on the day of its release and certified platinum within one week.  The aptly titled record showed that Australian hip hop was enjoying its time in the sun, no longer an underground scene but an aural assault that had pushed down the barriers that held back some of the country’s best MCs from critical acclaim.

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The indie flick became a smash in 1996, summing up an all-time high for both U.K. pop and Ewan McGregor's ass. It's a sad story about doomed junkies in a haze of druggy rock and techno, ranging from Pulp's hilarious "Mile End" to the ominous strobe-beats of Underworld's "Born Slippy." But the movie flips old favorites into something new – Lou Reed’s "Perfect Day" becomes a funeral dirge, while New Order's "Temptation" becomes a love song where one moment of eye contact on the dance floor can open up a new world.

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Chro - Cliques

Chro - Cliques : AquaticLab16

‘Chro’ is a potent broken-beat roller, which welds street ethics and space-conscious sound design into a pumping, futuristic hybrid of jungle and techno. Lightning-fast snare combos snap and hiss, as a heavyweight jungle b-line hoovers its way up and down an earth-shaking rhythmic assault. 

On the flip, ‘Chro’ is given a poisonous treatment by dark beat architect Wen. This DJ tool is a hazy, languid take on the original’s shattered drums, ethereal paranoia and gangster bassweight. Wen’s version exudes a strong technical studio confidence layered with a crafty array of sinister sonic inclinations.

LAB016 is simply dark, forward-leaning club music for the ruff sound system set. Mastered at Dubplates and Mastering and cut on 180-gram vinyl. Digital tracks mastered at Optimum. In Store Now. $18.00 inc GST

Flying Lotus - You're Dead

You're Dead!:

01 Theme
02 Tesla [ft. Herbie Hancock]
03 Cold Dead
04 Fkn Dead
05 Never Catch Me [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
06 Dead Man's Tetris [ft. Snoop Dogg and Captain Murphy]
07 Turkey Dog Coma
08 Stirring
09 Coronus, the Terminator
10 Siren Song [ft. Angel Deradoorian]
11 Turtles
12 Ready Err Not
13 Eyes Above
14 Moment of Hesitation [ft. Herbie Hancock]
15 Descent Into Madness [ft. Thundercat]
16 The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep [ft. Captain Murphy]
17 Obligatory Cadence
18 Your Potential / The Beyond [ft. Niki Randa]
19 The Protest


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Floating Points - Sparkling Controversy

Floating Points
Sparkling Controversy

Not long after the release of his King Bromeliad 12", UK producer Floating Points announced a surprise new single via Twitter today, which drops via his primary label outlet, Eglo. The track on offer is a dub version of "ARP 3," which premiered in 2011 on his acclaimed Shadows EP. This new version, renamed "Sparkling Controversy," has been making the rounds in DJ sets for the past couple months, but has never seen official release. In store now. $18 inc GST. Review stolen from


Andras Fox Vibrate on Silent

Andras Fox

Melbourne-based producer Andras Fox (A.r.t. Wilson) creates a tactile and unique form of antipodean funk that feels equally informed by garage house and new age musical traditions. His productions sound appropriate on both the dance floor and in the lounge, boasting a casual danceability and mood that seamlessly adapts to both environs. On Vibrate On Silent, Wilson creates g-funk with a surf sensibility; congas, shakers, electro-acoustic melodies coalesce with deep grooves, subtle hooks and a laid-back, oceanic ambience.

Wilson’s arrangements are spacious and deceptively simple – layers are built up and stripped down, with the rhythm track providing a solid framework for jazzy/improvised flourishes. Opener “Ankle Snapper” begins with a politely funky bass line, adding handclaps and a casual house beat that is gradually adorned with cowbell and midi-saxophone. “Pontoon” pushes the g-funk agenda further, coming across like Dr. Dre driving top-down along the Great Ocean Road. Elsewhere, “Driftwood” and “Mystic Beach” allude to Wilson’s prior dabblings in new age – incorporating digital pan-flutes, piano and meditative synths which bubble and swirl like waves meeting a sandy shore.

In addition to his production work, Wilson is a renowned DJ, hosting Strange Holiday on Melbourne’s Triple R 102.7fm where he champions a diverse mix of primitive rhythms, weird disco, outsider music and other Australian rarities. He recently completed a DJ tour of UK and Europe, and now has three Boiler Room sets under his belt – winning him the praises of modern-funk Godfather Dâm-Funk. Vibrate On Silent follows the Erskine Falls 12″ (Home Loan Records, 2013) and Embassy Cafe (Dopeness Galore, 2014), a collaborative LP Wilson made with Melbourne-based R&B vocalist Oscar Key-Sung

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Tuff Sherm & Cassius Select

Circling Sydney as the most prodigious producers in their adopted home, Tuff Sherm (Perth-born Eugene Hector / Dro Carey) and Cassius Select (Canada's Lavurn Lee / Guerre) guise-up for a split 12 that follows Dro's seven-date debut European tour, and Cassius' breakout ONE EP on Gardland's Hunter Gatherer imprint.


George Evelyn, or Nightmares on Wax as most people know him by, is regarded by many as one of UK hip-hop’s most influential artists of all time. At the dawn of the nineties, his experimental and very soulful productions saw him becoming one of the first artists to sign to Warp Records, a label that was still in its infancy at the time. Now, 25 years later, that same label pays homage to the man’s incredible discography in the form of N.O.W Is The Time a 2xCD-package containing the producer’s best work.

Even though it’s firmly rooted in laid-back hip-hop, N.O.W Is The Time is first and foremost a melting pot of genres: elements of dub, funk, triphop, soul and early house are present in every track, with things being topped by George’s hazy sound signature. The first disc is a very relaxed affair in which we come across a variety of tracks powered by a very basic old-school beatbox groove while mixture of instruments such as guitars, bass and strings form a very chilled ensemble. In between the hip-hop-colored cuts, tracks such as “Dreddoverboard” and “Thinking of Omara” explore the realms of trip-hop and dub, adding a great deal of diversity to the overall. In other words, this first disc is one to kick back and chill to, and it’s good to hear that the far majority of the tracks haven’t lost any of their shine.

Disc 2 is a slightly heavier and experimental affair, with dark and brooding reggae and dub fx gently being fused with hip-hop. This side of the package is the trippier one, with exotic vocals and rough beat patterns delivering a very intriguing blend of genres. In other words, a brilliant counterpart to the calm first half.


Plaid - Reachy Prints

Plaid have been reliable fixtures in “intelligent dance music” since the genre first rose to prominence in the 1990s. Ever since their career-launching debut, 1997's Not for Threes, Andy Turner and Ed Handley have released carefully composed recordings full of warm tones, friendly melodies, and interesting technical sleights of hand; they've often found themselves situated between the genre's mercurial virtuosos (Aphex TwinSquarepusher) and a legion of hacky glitch engineers.

Their latest, Reachy Prints, is full of new sounds. Handley and Turner are dedicated tech geeks who embody the genre’s commitment to exploring off-label uses of different gear in order to see if it makes any interesting noises. “Nafovanny” possesses an intriguingly detuned lead, while “Tether” generates an edgy atmosphere from a fascinatingly ugly, dissonant synth patch. The arrangements are familiar, though, and the album fits in comfortably with the rest of Plaid's discography, defined by a relaxed-but-peppy energy and well-mannered songs that evolve smoothly with as few shocks as possible. (The exceptions to this rule appeared on 2011's Scintilli, which featured some uncharacteristically aggressive and bumpy tracks and was all the more intriguing for it.)

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Fatima - Yellow Memories LP

Fatima - Yellow Memories

Eglo Records are proud to present Fatima's highly anticipated debut album 'Yellow Memories'.

Featuring production work from the likes of Floating Points, Theo Parrish, Oh No, Scoop DeVille, Computer Jay, Knxwledge and more... the velvet toned Swede has truly crafted something special.

Offering a modern take on classic Soul and RnB, the album strikes a beautiful balance of cutting edge, contemporary production, soulful expression, melancholic introspection and vibrant, candy coated melody. An accomplished singer /song-writer with a stunning range, her prowess and versatility are a force not to be reckoned with. As powerful and mesmerising on stage as she is in the studio, Fatima possesses a talent heard all to rarely in todays musical climate.

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Andy Smith Jam Up Twist Box Set

Andy Smith - Jam Up Twist

$80 in store now.

Wind your way down the stairs at The Book Club in Hoxton and the first thing you see is a pool table and the queue to the cloakroom. Beyond that a crowd has formed and the party is off and going. You have entered the world of Andy Smith’s Jam Up Twist. Instead of the area’s blend of the latest dance music trends, Andy is expertly weaving a mix of great music from the distant past. A blend of rockabilly, jump blues, 60s soul and ska is pulling a crowd, and from the moment I heard it I knew that Andy was once more creating a club night that we at BGP would like to celebrate on CD.

Andy came to prominence working as a DJ with Portishead when they hit the big time in the mid-90s. His inquisitive style of DJing has seen him pull music from all sorts of genres, creating an eclectic fusion that was celebrated in his seminal mix CD “The Document”. Since then he has hooked up with the BGP team for two compilations, including “Andy Smith’s Northern Soul”, which was based around his club night that attempted to introduce great 60s soul to a whole new crowd, and succeeded. We hope to repeat this success with “Andy Smith’s Jam Up Twist”. 

Once again Andy creates a seamless mix of tracks from the 50s through to the 70s, but it is his skill as a selector that really catches the ear. In each of the genres covered by the compilation he pulls out gems that are not only great tracks but relevant to a modern dancefloor. The rockabilly and the jump blues are just the sort of sounds that provide the influence for modern acts such as Imelda May and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, and in cuts such as ‘Let’s Go Bopping Tonight’ by Al Ferrier, Jimmy Carroll’s ‘Big Green Car’, Mickey Champion’s ‘Bam-A-Lam’ or the Sonny Bono-penned ‘Touch And Go’ from Wynona Carr, Andy has chosen the very best. 

He is equally at home in the worlds of ska and Northern Soul. From the Northern pile he’s picked longstanding classics from Mel Williams and Toni & the Showmen and joined them up with some more recent finds such as the San Francisco TKOs and Luther Ingram, whose version of ‘Oh Baby Don’t You Weep’ has been one of the great discoveries of the past few years. To hear the Skatalites on a BGP comp is a real pleasure (and apt, as on ‘Malcolm X’ they are in fact covering Lee Morgan’s jazz dance classic ‘Sidewinder’), as it is to hear the voice of the great Alton Ellis. 

So let’s hope Andy is as successful in pushing the boundaries here as he has been in the past, because this is as great a blend as we could hope to hear. 

By Dean Rudland


Flume / Chet Faker - Lockjaw

After Chet Faker contributed vocals to “Left Alone”, a song from electronic producer Flume’sself-titled debut last year, the two Aussies discovered they make a good team. “His strengths are all my weaknesses and vice versa so we kinda complement each other,” said the former, whose real name is Harley Streten. “It’s a bit like a yin yang thing we’ve got going on.” (Eventhe video for “Left Alone”, in which a camera circles the pair playing drum pads and singing back-to-back, makes them appear almost Janus-like.) A subsequent collaboration seemed natural, so earlier this year Flume and Faker, aka Nicholas Murphy, holed up on Australia’s South Coast for a week of recording that culminated in the three-track Lockjaw EP.

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Special Request - Soul Music

Special Request - Soul Music

Special Request - Soul Music

When it comes to evoking nostalgia, Paul Woolford is keeping it extreme. For his Special Request project, the UK producer keeps his studio space loaded with vintage hardware, including an FM transmitter that allows him to broadcast over his own frequency and sample the results. This complicated process, which Woolford has referred to as "creating a false memory," plays a large role in his aim to honor his teenage years of listening to pirate radio, hearing the thrilling sounds of first-generation jungle and rave through his speakers as rave culture was forming and, as the years progressed, re-shaping itself into new forms.

3LP In store now $60 

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Zed Bias - Boss 4LP - Swamp81


A certain cool, removed aesthetic has always permeated Zed Bias' catalog. He's been a key player in the UK garage and broken-beat scene for over a decade, and has graced both the UK charts and underground with equal poise and capability. On his latest full-length for Loefah's refinedly dirty Swamp 81 imprint, Zed Bias wears a well-earned and well-represented title, Boss.

The opening track, "Eingang," sets a clear precedent for what we've come to expect from Zed Bias—finely tuned production that is sparse but forceful, and elegantly funky. A rhythmically cut vocal sample rides a simple bassline of monophonic stabs, with the occasional reverb-drenched chord extending out to produce tension. The builds are finely tuned and even at its most pared-down points, "Eingang" is impossible to sit still to.

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Tempo Dreams Volume 2

Tempo Dreams Volume 2 LP

Following the critically-acclaimed 2012 release of their beat-centric compilation Tempo Dreams (assembled by Detroit/UK producer-at-large Tall Black Guy), Brooklyn wax purveyors Bastard Jazz Recordings have returned with Volume 2 of the enlightening, genre-bending series. This time around, the label has enlisted Bay Area mainstay DJ/producers Teeko & B. Bravo, driving forces behind the transformative “modern funk” sound emerging out of the West Coast. Sticking with the series' theme of showcasing new styles and emerging artists, curated by their own musical peers, Teeko and Bravo have conjured up an LP of mind-blowing tracks that push the limits of soulful electronic funk, outernational boogie, and cosmic hip-hop. 

Tempo Dreams Volume 2 picks up where the first edition left off, bridging the gaps between various geographic locations and local scenes, while also reaching for new heights with soaring vocal features and dance-floor primed beats. The compilers' home town is heavily represented through hits like the 80's R&B-styled bomb “Hard Pressed” by Rojai and E.Live, the deep & sexy nighttime-synth vibes of K-Maxx (“Dreamin’ Of You”), and an unreleased sun-drenched remix of the Bayonics track “Wheels". Left coast collective Mugpush bring more heat on “Came Too Far”, channeling a deft balance of smooth P-Funk with killer rhymes from the ever-versatile Black Spade. Teeko and Bravo's own Starship Connection keeps things bumping with “We Can Go All Night”, complete with sexy boogie thump, understated vocals and twinkling synths. Europe and the UK also supply their take on this sound, with the nasty vocodor funk of “Dans” by Belgium’s Pomrad, the bass-heavy Atjazz creeper “One” (featuring wunderkind Amalia’s woozy vocals), and the swirling UK electro-hop of the Insomniax ("A Vibe For Chrissy"), with it’s lovelorn hip-hop vocals. 

Individually, both Teeko and B.Bravo have hefty resumes: Bravo is a 2010 graduate of Red Bull Music Academy with releases on Brownswood, Frite Nite and Ernest Endeavors. His tune “Computer Love” was named one of 2009’s best tracks by Benji B (BBC Radio 1). He’s shared the stage with artists like Chromeo, Dam-Funk, Flying Lotus and serenaded crowds across the world with his bass heavy outerspace boogie and dirty grinding synth grooves at festivals like SXSW, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and Sonar in Barcelona. Teeko, creator of SF’s infamous 4ONEFUNK crew, has been a key player in the next generation of the Bay Area’s Turntablist scene and has been called “the most insane & creative turntablist I have ever worked with" by Mark Ronson, who featured him on his Record Collection album. Recent years have had Teeko looking towards production with his debut album Turn Off The Dark and his collaboration with B.Bravo as The Starship Connection, churning out cosmic, sludgy electronic funk music on Salva’s Fritenite label. The duo's deft ear and unparalleled musical credentials inspired Bastard Jazz to enlist them for this next expedition into Tempo Dreams. "We wanted to represent soulful music being made by our piers from all over the world," says B. Bravo "Artists from California to New York, Canada, London, Germany all with different modern styles but sharing a common thread of being influenced by funk and soul." 
Tempo Dreams Vol. 2 will be released worldwide on Double Vinyl, CD and digital on Oct. 15th.

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Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness LP

Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness 

After four years of touring Shpongle return with a new album, though much has changed. Music production isn't something for just enthusiasts anymore, and the tools needed to make an entire album in your bedroom are becoming increasingly available and affordable... yet this just makes Shpongle's return all the more welcome. In a time where more and more focus is put on commercialization and churning out quick hits Simon and Raja's latest work is a welcome breathe of fresh air wedded to nostalgia, and proves that the group isn't ready to become stagnant anytime soon. 

With their long history of DIY techniques when it comes to almost every aspect of their music (the singing on Ineffable Mysteries was recorded live in India, the singer was found via their rickshaw driver), listening to a Shpongle album truly becomes more of an experience and less an act of just listening; the variety and amount of layered sounds is wonderfully engrossing even when not under the influence. One of the more immediately noticeable aspects of Museum Of Consciousness is the emphasis on the bass lines; the entire album is far more driven and upbeat when compare to its predecessor. This is a most welcome change, providing heft and even more of an inclination for the listener to dance or just let go (as well as even more replay-ability). The opening moments of “Juggling Molecule” are prime examples of this, with the tracks layered claps and vocal repetition complimenting this emphasis on bass perfectly and adding a sense of urgency that just seemed lacking in the groups previous album. Ambiance isn't forgotten however, “The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights” should make longtime fans feel right at home as the duo channels moments from “Around The World In A Tea Daze” and “My Head Feels Like A Frisbee” to create a song that, while familiar, is poised to be a listener favourite. 


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Spectacular Ultra-Limited Double LP with Lenticulated (moving) Cover: 2LP - $80 + free postage in Australia

CD - $22


Reset industries is proud to announce its first international signing in the shape of French newcomer Kristoff Sabine, aka Items. His debut release, the four-track 'Time Swap EP', is a shockingly accomplished batch of productions for a new artist, showcasing a natural flair for groove and arrangement which belies his relative inexperience.

Opener 'Time Swap' is a fresh, energetic blast of swung garage, primed for summertime dancefloors. Tropical-sounding melodies float over filtered synths and crisp, driving rhythms, while a head-spinning array of chopped textures and clipped vocal samples combine to decorate the mix. After 3 and half blissful minutes, the track melts into an ingenious coda which deploys hooky, filtered synths stabs to wonderful effect, ramping-up in intensity towards a joyous crescendo.

'Ghost Detain' continues in a similar vein, with more lush, filtered chords leading into a smart 2-step beat and another kaleidoscopic blend of chopped samples. Vibes and windowlicker-esque vocal snatches swirl in the mix, lending the track a light, jazzy feel, which is offset nicely against blunt sub hits and a satisfyingly heavy kick drum.

On the flip, 'Twisted Tilde' rolls out on a dusty sample loop and the obligatory filtered synth chords, before dropping into an addictive groove centred upon a crunchy half-step drum pattern and a distinctly silky female vox hook. Jazzy touches pepper the mix as the groove glides effortlessly by, in true Gallic fashion.

'If U Then I' rounds off proceedings on a more contemplative note, which demonstrates the producers' penchant for the cosmic, as well as for the 'floor. Over staggered rhythms, Items weaves a dense aural tapestry from a dizzying array of jazz-inflected textures and pitch-shifted vocal clips, as rimshots and drum rolls rattle away underneath. It's a virtuoso display, and a fitting conclusion to a captivating EP.

'Time Swap' heralds the arrival of a serious talent. Reset Industries is delighted to welcome Items to the fold.

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