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Wed 2nd Oct - Tue 8th Oct : BURNING SEED

  • Matong State Forest, NSW Australia (map)

Burning Seed is the annual Australian regional Burning Man event, which is taking place from Midday Wed 2th Oct - Midday Tue 8th October 2013.

The main Effigy will burn on Saturday Night 5th October.

We are peased to announce that Burning Seed is returning again to Matong State Forest, in Wiradjuri Country, Southern New South Wales (NSW).

The Forest is near the townships of Matong, Coolamon & Narrandera. Located approx 5 hrs by car from Sydney and Melbourne in the heart of the Riverina Irrigation region of South-Western NSW.

Burning Seed is an event dedicated to the creative arts, community, radical self-expression and radical self reliance. The community exists and grows through communal effort.

Burning Seed is a commercial free event reliant on the participation of community members to achieve its needs, goals and dreams. The experience of positive interaction and ‘Radical Inclusion’ grows through the existence of 'Gifting' referred to by some as a ‘Gift Economy’.

Burning Seed is guided by the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Every member of the community is strongly encouraged to participate! Participation and immersion in the event allows for connections to form and grow and for community to flourish.

It is important that you have read and understand the 10 principles of Burning Man and the Survival Guide before you decide to come. This event is not for everyone. You will be expected to get involved! You must have everything with you to survive the five days when you enter. You will not be ‘entertained’ in the traditional way of festivals.

There are no booked DJs, no paid team to clean up your trash. It all comes down to you. Entertainment comes through the limitless expression of your imagination and utilisation or resources, in whatever manifestation possible. This could mean anything…. storytelling, fire-acts, costumes, dance, theatre, making pancakes, circus, music, theme camps etc…. If you have an idea, skill or talent, bring it!! The efforts and talents of a community existing to enrich and inspire each other provides fertile ground for the spirit of play, community and genuine interaction to take place.

All members of the Burning Seed community are expected to be active in the Leave No Trace practice. Primarily it’s about ‘Pack It In, Pack It Out’, ‘Never Let It Hit The Ground’ and being prepared by depackaging before you arrive and not bringing things that will break apart and make a mess while you’re there, whether that’s stuff to build your camp, costumes and food etc. As community members we are required to be pro-active in this…. For more information check out ‘Leave No Trace’.

There will be a ceremonial aspect to the event with a 'Welcome to Country' on the Thursday, the burning of an 'Effigy' on Saturday night and a 'Temple' burn on the Sunday.

Each year there will be a theme to the gathering. The first theme was ‘Creation’ aligning with the idea of the beginning, where members of the community for the inaugural Australian Burning Man regional event were active in creating the story, the myth, the culture. The second year's theme was 'Synergy' which evoked the idea of our newly forming community working together to create something greater than the sum of its individual parts. Last Year's theme was 'Mythconception', playing with the idea of myths and where they come from, as well as what happens to them over the course of time.

Burning Seed Theme 2013

The theme for 2013 is Re:Creation.

Last year was a time of mythconceptions and the end of the world as we know it. Our Burner community, born of Australian fire, now faces the chance, and choice, to build something new. A time of Re:Creation.

As we move onto the next chapter of our story, we not only have the opportunity to recreate a Burn in our own image but to recreate ourselves. Within Re:Creation is the burning question: do we treat our Burns as just another form of recreation, a time to play and no more? Or is it much more, a chance to re-create who we are as individuals and as communities? If the Hopi are right, we are the ones we have been waiting for and our Burn is Re: Creation.

Welcome to another year of building something together.


"Burning Seed is an annual gathering that enables it's participants
a trans-formative experience.

Emanating out of place and living outside the pattern of the
traditional festivals and events is an experience of gift giving
and encouraging participation on all levels, for building permanent
and transitional communities from a wide variety of cultural

lifestyles deeply rooted in Art projects."