We buy in bulk and do not cherry-pick leaving you with stuff you can't get rid of.

We generally only buy mint to near-mint records (in the light you should not see squiggles and scuff marks on the vinyl - look at the run-out groove, the plastic should be smooth and shiny and reflect with no blemishes). 

We can give you a rough idea on price over the phone if you know:

  • how many you have (a 30cm x 30cm cube of records is about 100)
  • what condition they are in
  • what genres/decades they cover

GENERALLY: We are not after rare/collector's stuff, the people who buy it are WAY TOO HARD WORK ;) (for good reason). Generally for collections (notwithstanding any rare/OG presses that you might have in there) we basically pay 50c a record for cannon fodder (think ABBA, Elton John, Prog House, RNB, Breaks) and up to $10 a record for mint condition classics (think Pink Floyd, Tribe Called Quest, Basement Jaxx). 

Contact us for more information

We also accept orphans - guaranteed to go to a good home; if not us, Vinnies loves our overflow.