Cleaning Products

It's important to keep your records and your needle clean, this prolongs the life of both. We don't sell carbon fibre brushes because they just move the dust around. We do sell the AM velvet brush, which has the same issue as the CF brush but does actually go a little deeper into the grooves. You will need the spray and cloth to really get the dust off.

The AM fluid spray comes with a little cloth but it's not big enough. We sell additional microfibre cloths ($3 each). We also offer a vinyl deep clean service

We do mail order to anywhere in the country we'd just need to work out the courier fee (can't post fluids) . All stock available in-store or via email order or buzz us on 02 9380 8223 with a credit card handy and we can take payment over the phone, or we can send you a PayPal invoice.


Vinyl Cleaning Fluid - SPRAY. $25 / Bottle (that will last you for ever)

ESSENTIAL - AM Stylus Cleaner. $20 (will last you half a lifetime).

 Velvet Brush - $35

Velvet Brush - $35