This service will not be available from Wed Dec 6th - Mon Dec 18th

We Record Vinyl to CD/Digital

We also restore audio.

NOTE: Generally 4 day turnaround. Will do faster if bribed. See costs below.

From that crusty old shelac recording of grandma singing to your fave LP that you can't find on the web, we can record anything with a groove for you. We are also good at audio restoration, from background noise to the clicks and pops of mechanical damage.

We record any album or single: LP, 7", 12", 33, 45, 78  (even an audio cassette) and burn it onto a CD for you.

In general, one full album takes an hour to record and track mark

What you get : An audio CD copy and a Data CD/DVD back up with tracks individual marked on both. (We can put the files on a USB stock or drop box them if you wish). The CD's are plain ROM CDs and we write the Album Name on them in texta. Not very pretty but printed labels cause absolute chaos in players.

NOTE - Track Names: Due to the different platforms and programs and naming protocols used by people who use the data discs, we do not write full track names for each song; we simply use an album and side signifier and a number. For example: "WALL A1, WALL A2 … " for Pink Floyd The Wall. If, however, you would like us to use the format "Artist - Title" for each track, please request this when you drop the vinyl off.

NOTE - Background Noise: We generally run a filter over the tracks to remove most of the back ground noise (it's nicer that way), if you do not want us to do this, please request that we don't when you drop your vinyl off.


  • LP  (1LP) - $30 - track marked, deep clean, 1 audio, 1 data copy

  • DOUBLE LP (2LP) - $45 - track marked, deep clean, 1 audio, 1 data copy

  • 7", 12" SINGLE or EP or 78 - $20 track marked, 1 audio, 1 data copy

    We do not cut live performances up into individual tracks. we can, but it will cost you double and we will only cut where there is a break (usually with clapping that has to be faded out) in the performance.

  • 1LP LIVE performance - $20 - deep clean, 1 audio, 1 data copy - $20

  • 2LP LIVE performance - no track marks, deep clean, 1 audio, 1 data copy - $30

  • Additional CD copies - $2 each

  • Manually Remove Pops / Audio Restoration - $120 / hour (usually takes about 15 -30 minutes a song if the song is bad).


  • 24 hour turnaround - add $40.

  • Same Day - add $60 - if possible.


Older records generally have two things wrong with them:

1) Vinyl Crackle.

These can be caused by surface damage or ingrained dirt. Most dirt is removed by our included vacuum cleaning service (LPs only).

2) Loud pops and Surface Noise.

We can get rid of pops, but they need to be removed one at a time and manually so the more pops the more time it takes. NOTE: We don't remove charming pops.

We also do quite a few 78s and these are usually shellac and usually in pretty bad condition (cracked, flaking off etc) and we need to do A LOT of filtering work to deliver you an audible (if not amazingly perfect) soundfile. 

But usually these things are memories from the past and we find that audible is brilliantly acceptable to our clients considering the quality of the original sound source. By audible we mean that we can almost always make the desired recording a lot louder than the damage.

Cost of studio time for filtering, EQing and otherwise rescuing your disintegrating histories $120 / hour (and yes, we only charge for the time taken, not the whole hour. Each track can take up to 20 minutes to fix.). 

3) Why we won't burn you MP3s

Also we don't create MP3s for you, horrible little things that they are. You get a full frequency file that you can mangle into a decrepit little piece of compressed nothing at a later stage, on your own, far, far away from us. :)

Please call us on 02 9380 8223 ~ seven days a week ~ midday - 6pm - or leave a message any time.


Manufacturing vinyl is an industrial scale process. The records are pressed in runs from masters in huge machines (see below). You can get one offs ‘cut’ or engraved and these are called ‘dubplates’.

This too requires a machine, but they can do dingle units.

Zenith Records Pressing in Melbs can do it, and there are plenty online overseas too and here.