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With much deeper roots. 255b Crown Street, Darlinghurst (entry on Goulburn Street) - 02 9380 8223. Contact Us.

Open: Monday through Saturday: 11am - 6pm. Sunday: 12pm - 5pm. Thursday: 11am - 7pm. There's plenty of on-street parking around us too :) Coz you can't hug an MP3.

why we exist

We are a record store that opened in 2003, with roots back to 1996 and the armada of dance music stores that used to populate Darlo. We've eviolved and  now stock over 3000 new release & pre-loved vinyl records of most genres. Our shop also carries a neatly curated range of turntables, headphones,  needles and advice. Yes we do do mail order, no we don't have an online store. Honestly, how many hours do you spend online already? Get your ass out the door, come have a dig and discover something new.

We can also de-warp records, record vinyl to digital, repair/service Technics 1200/1210s & deep-clean vinyl

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Get regular info from the record store about new releases, re-issues, second hand vinyl gems, gigs, sales, record fairs and all the other things.

But seriously we don't email that much, we save our facebook for the regular silliness

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The stylus is arguably the most important component. It's typically a diamond. On cheap entry level turntables, it is usually not a diamond and is terrible for your vinyl (except our LP60 which sports the AT91 diamond :)

In moving magnet cartridges (the most common) magnetic conductors inside the cartridge surround a magnet and as it moves its magnetic field is distributed between the conductors. This energy flows through copper coil to produce an electrical signal which is sent to the amplifier to be reproduced through the speakers.

We can find almost any replacement needle. Click on the image for way more info.


We stock world-renowned Audio-Technica turntables / record players (as well as headphones). The company has been around for over 50 years and are so good at what they do they make the mics for the Grammy's and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Their decks are no exception to this level of quality. By far our biggest sellers are the LP60 and LP120. Most people have a lot of questions and we endeavour to provide answers here, but by all means come in or call to get the low-down :) 

By way of brand-quality evidence; they make a $7000 moving coil cartridge, so they are not going to tarnish their name with low quality home-HiFi  

7" weapons

Otherwise known as seven inch scratch records we are very happy to be able to offer you a small but epic range of vinyl to scratch with.

These things come and go real fast and we keep this site updated when they do so keep checking back for new titles

We stock wax from 3 different labels (and are seeking more if you have your own pressings). These are: Thud Rumble, Cut'n'Paste and Battle Ave

At the moment we have the DJ Excess Killable Syllables ($35) and DJ Qbert's BABY004 ($40 or 2 for $70). For the collectors, this is the robot's left shoulder.

new releases

Regular shipments of vinyl from around the world: House, Techno, Electronica, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Beats, World & more. 

deck service

We service and repair Technics 1200/1210 turntables in house. $185 for the full kit & kaboodle: clean, calibrate, replace leads & lights & fader (if necessary).


vinyl frames

Vinyl hanging frames, in stock now. $25 and way better than those rubbish IKEA cardboard ones and way cheaper than the fancy UK ones.


We retail and wholesale Q-Bert's Scratch Records. Click the image below to see the stock list.

cult cinema

Recordstore is proud to be a long-term sponsor of Event Cinema's Cult Classic Movie night 'In The House'. Fortnightly friday nights of some of the greatest cult classics of all time.

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