Yep, you're online & we are a store (:

As a wise person once said: "buying records online is like making love to a plastic doll."

Psyche! So yeah, our whole shtick is the fact that we are a place that you come and visit; not helpful if you need something but there are a million other places you can get what you know you need. Our store is the one to come to when you don't know what you need. Seriously, if you know you want a copy of Abbey Road, there are a million places you can get it easier and, more than likely, cheaper than us. But if you don't know what LP you want, just that you want one - we are the place for you. It's all about discovery for us and we hope it is for you too.

But if you live far away or are just feeling lazy we are more than happy to do mail order to you and we can 100% find that needle you are after. The only stipulation is that you have to deal with an actual human who will - and we are sure that you will be thankful for this - also make recommendations to you just like the little amazonbots you so love and adore.

Well, actually, not 'just' like, our recommendations will be better but we will happily transcribe your credit card details into a machine at this end and so you get your techno fix and then we'll pop out a securely packed carton of hot wax for your aural pleasure.

Simply contact us using one of the many means technology has made available to you, phone, email, facebook, twitter, smoke signal or carrier pigeon and for no extra cost you get to engage with an actual lifeform.