Entry Level Belt Drive - LP60x



$299 + $50 Gift Voucher 

For a long time we struggled to find you an entry level deck that didn't suck. As many of you are now aware the little suitcase ones are rubbish, skipping all over the place because their tone arms are set incorrectly, their needles are super cheap and their parent companies are not actually audio manufacturers with decades of experience, but rather simply junk peddlers pushing badly designed rubbish out of the cheapest factories they can find in China. The same problem exists for most of the ones you buy from chain stores and mega-markets.

While the LP60x has the same type of design, i.e. tone arm without an adjustable weight or tracking and non-removable headshell, Audio-Technica bring to bear their fantastic design skills, high standard of quality control and 51 years of experience as a quality audio manufacturer. You will also note the much better, AT91, needle that the LP60 comes with compared to all the other turn tables in this price range.

NOTE: We can order you a standard LP60 and a USB version but they are only $50 and $30 less and Bluetooth is just so handy. They LP60s come with regular audio cables and are LINE & PHONO out.

We have plenty of on-street parking, come visit and check out our range.

The AT LP60x is perfect record player for the dabbler or beginner. While both versions of the LP60x come with the traditional RCA outputs (both phono and line) you can choose between Regular, USB or a BLUETOOTH version, which means that this versatile little turntable play on anything that makes a noise. 

The LP60x USB also comes with recording software so you can archive your collection while you listen to it.

While these turntables lack the sophistication and features of the more expensive Audio-Technica decks, they are a quality product, with sleek retro lines from a company with over 50 years audio know-how.

If you are wondering why we sell this with $50 gift voucher, it's for a couple of reasons. Firstly it's how we add value for you so we can compete with high turn-over low margin internet operators and keep the vinyl flowing into the racks of our physical store, but far more importantly it's because you will, without a doubt, require cleaning products or a spare needle or if it's a gift, even better, bonus double-gift.


As we believe in human interaction, we do not sell online. We find that most people like to have a good ol' gasbag about how to set up the tone arm weight and anti-skating and how to care for records and the like, which we can do on phone but LOVE to do in person. If you do have questions but cannot come in, we still like to answer those, so just call or email us :)

ALSO: Don't buy electronics from overseas! Even if you get a transformer, you will be buying a product that is not supported locally for service or repairs but FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY it will not have passed the Australian Government's QC inspectors and will therefor be illegal. This means that you will be legally liable if anything untoward (read, burn your house down or electrocute someone) happens and insurance will not cover it. True Story. And now, our two most popular decks; the Audio-Technica  LP60 and LP120.

Oh, ps, we can sort out any pre-amp or connectivity issues you might have :)

Entry Level versus Home Hi-Fi.

While the entry level deck works a treat it is not adjustable or up-gradable. This means it 1) wears your records more over time and 2) cannot have a new cartridge installed on it should you wish to upgrade in the future. A good rule of thumb is that if you are intending to continue buying new records, collecting etc, then you are probably better off investing in the home Hifi turntable, while if you are just messing around, buying old records from op-shops or occasionally listening to old records you inherited, the entry level will do just fine (in our opinion the LP60 is the best of this design available in Australia). We can elaborate on this quite extensively if required ..

LP120 and LP60 are by far our biggest selling turntables. The decks listed below are also in the range but you'd want a specific reason to buy them. The LP5 is a direct drive (no rubber bands) like the LP120 but does less and costs more, so you would be buying it for aesthetic reasons. The LP3 is a belt drive like the LP60, but it is automatic (it brings the needle back home when finished with a side), you can replace the cartridge and also use a moving coil cartridge. This is more a deck for audio boffins who think they can hear the hum of a direct drive motor or want to spend lots on a moving coil cartridge but not the turntable (which makes sense because all a deck has to do is spin and be quiet, while the cartridge is where the sound quality is)

POST SCRIPT: Why do we only sell one brand?

We could prattle on about the tyranny of choice but it comes down to this: We don't like drama and we don't like you having to come back with issues. In our 13 years of experience Audio-Technica has the least coming-backness of the lot and they clearly failed acting class because the lack of drama surrounding this brand is palpable. Finally, both the LP60 and LP120 consistently come top or very near top in almost all comparisons between brands. A simple google search will verify this.